»background information»

(This is based off of Seri! Pixel Biologist!'s Niche Series)

A generation ago, the Pamara Tribe took its place on Tide Island. The ruthless Queen Lamiko took her reign. She established 3 forms of group in the Bahara Tribe. GardenClan, TigerClan and the Royal Family.

With that the Pamara Tribe grew and grew. New Queens and Kings took place. But a youth stumbled into the GardenClan, his name was Clay. He was a brave and courageous creature, but his presence brought something else...

He bred and kept passing on no-paw, the dangerous gene of only having 3 legs. As that passed out it has been impossible to get rid of it, and the GardenClan was nearly all no-pawed.

»'''''the flight of no-paws'''''»

Soon enough, the new King Kuku took a stand, he slowly was making his way to the GardenClan. The GardenClan was terrified, so Clay also took a stand. He brought all the no-paws and double no-paws away. Yet he died in the process.

Soon after King Kuku passed away after bringing GardenClan's last healthy baby to the Royal Family. Now the GardenClan has grown again, this time more healthy. Now a new generation is here.


3 legs

Double No-Paw

2 legs

Stinky Tail

That doesn't smell tasty...

Fluffy Tail

Fishing Tail

Better at fishing

Swimming Tail

Better at swimming

Big Nose

Better smelling

Big Ears

Better hearing

Spit Snout

Better smelling, but terrifyingly ugly creature

Short Sighted Eye

The name is the definition

Blind Eye

Name is definiton

Cracker Jaw

You can crack shells & acorns better, bigger jaw

Stripes/Spots/Warning Dots

Better camoflouge

Spiky Fur


Lean Body +Speed & +Stealth

Big Body



Breathing Underwater